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Gilded Silver Candles
Craft Project - Silver and Gold Candles
by Wen Zientek-Sico

Perfect for entertaining or special dinners, these shiny candles are easy to make using storebought candles and simple craft supplies. They also make excellent holiday gifts. We used dark navy blue candles to match the other contents of a gift basket we were assembling, but both light and dark colored candles look great with a bit of added sparkle!

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Silver and Gold Candles

Silver CandleShiny metallic candles are very trendy currently, but they are also very expensive. They are easy to make at home, and with a little bit of creativity can also be made in a wide variety of patterns and shapes. When choosing candles, unless you want an all over gilding, don't purchase candles wrapped in plastic. The adhesive used to hold the plastic on the candles will also hold the metallic leaf (which may be the effect you are looking for). Metallic leaf in silver, gold, or copper can be found at many craft stores, discount stores, and places that specialize in framing. Metallic leaf is very thin and delicate, and can be hard to work with, but the slight imperfections only add to the appeal of these candles. It is important not to use newspaper as the newsprint can rub off on the candles or the metallic leaf.

White or colored candles

Tape in a variety of widths



Large sheet of clean paper (not newspaper)

Silver, gold, or copper leaf

Cotton balls Gold Sticker Candle

Assemble your candles and decide what type of design you want to create on the candles. For striped, plaid, or checkerboard candles, arrange the tape around the candles, using various widths for added interest. For shapes and other designs, use stickers, or else cut the shapes from the tape. Apply the tape or stickers firmly to the candle, and then remove carefully. The tape or stickers will leave a slightly sticky residue on the candle that the leaf will stick to. Remove one sheet of gold leaf with very clean and dry fingers and place it on the clean paper. Either roll the candle on the leaf, or pick it up and carefully apply the leaf to the areas that you wish to gild. Gently rub the leaf with your fingers to ensure it sticks thoroughly. Once you have covered the desired areas, burnish the leaf by rubbing the whole candle firmly with a cotton ball.

Project Developed and Photographed by Wen Zientek-Sico.

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