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Craft Project - A Really Useful Coupon Book for Dad
by Wen Zientek-Sico

Make a gift Dad will really be able to enjoy and use! This coupon book is easy to make and is filled with practical (and funny) coupons for your Dad. Make sure to check this out...these aren't your typical "Take Out the Trash" coupons...

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A Really Useful Coupon Book for Dad

We have all seen the coupon books that abound on Father's Day. "I will take out the trash." Or wash the car, or clean the garage, or perform any of the other chores I always try to get out of doing. While I am sure Dad appreciates the sentiment, these coupon books always bothered me because most of the stuff happened to be chores I was supposed to be doing anyway. Giving Dad a coupon book to "force" me into doing stuff didn't seem very nice to Dad or complimentary to me. So we decided to make up a coupon book for Dad that he would actually find useful. And yeah, we included a few chore-like items, but most of them were crafted specifically for Dad. After you read the instructions you will know what I mean. And while you are free to use our list of coupons, really sit down and think about those things your Dad would really appreciate. Adults or responsible older children should help cut out the coupons and use the hole punch.

Card stock or colored paper (use as many sheets to make as many coupons as you will need)



Hole punch

Colorful yarn or string

Cut the paper into thirds lengthwise using the scissors. Using the markers, write out the coupons for your Dad. Make sure to add a dotted line around the edge of the coupons to make them look more like coupons. Some of the coupons we used are:

  • One night free of complaints about going to bed early

  • One romantic dinner alone with Mom.* *You provide the romantic dinner, we provide the "alone"

  • One hour control of the remote control for the television.

  • One video/DVD rental of your choice* * You still need to pay, but we won't argue about your choice, even if it is a silly Western.

  • One fishing trip with no whining about how early in the morning it is, how dumb fish are, and how boring fishing is.

  • One hour free of sibling fighting.

  • Assistance on that one task Mom keeps nagging you about.

  • One family photo where we promise to stand still and smile.* *We cannot promise Fluffy and Spot will stand still, much less smile.

  • One tie or baseball cap of your choice.

  • Use of the computer for one hour without interruptions.

  • 30 minutes of silence.

  • Hands off one item of food which only Dad is allowed to eat.

Use the last piece of paper to make a cover for your coupon book. Use a catchy title, special message, or even cute drawings. Punch two holes in the end of each coupon. Stack the coupons to form a book and thread the yarn through the holes. Tie the yarn in a knot to hold it together. Give Dad a gift he'll love using!

Project Developed, Styled, and Photographed by Wen Zientek-Sico.

All text, graphics, recipes, craft projects, and articles copyright Holiday Crafter 2001-2010, unless otherwise attributed. Please do not reprint or distribute any of the material on this website without permission. For reprint permission, or for information about recipe or craft project development, e-mail me. Thank you.