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Craft Project - King for a Day Goblet
by Wen Zientek-Sico

On Father's Day, every Dad should be King. Even it is just for one day. Let your Dad feel like a King with this attractive and festive goblet that is very quick and easy to make. The goblet also makes a great project for sleepovers and other parties.

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King for a Day Goblet

This project makes a great gift or party activity. Wonderful for royalty or medieval themed parties, birthdays, celebrations for a special person, or even as a gag gift, these goblets make for a very fun and enjoyable project. The goblets can also be made for your favorite Prince, Princess, or Queen, and make King for a Day Goblet Detaila great group activity for a sleepover or other party. You can use a glass goblet for this project, but plastic goblets are not only cheaper (we bought ours for under one dollar) they are also easier to handle and safer to use. We purchased ours in the summer picnic section of a major discount store. Actual photos can be used (especially if you want to take photos at a party and use them on the goblets) if desired, but color photocopies are easier to work with and you don't have to worry about your photos being ruined. Make sure not to get any glue or paint on the inside of the goblet or in the areas that a person will drink from.

Clear plastic goblet

Decoupage glue

Color photocopy of a photo

Gold metallic paint pen

Tacky glue

Assorted small colored gems (we used about 30 for our goblet)

King for a Day GobletWash and dry the goblet to make sure you have a clean surface to work with. Cover your work surface with newspaper. Decoupage the photo onto the center of the goblet. Apply at least one coat of decoupage glue over the photo to seal it, but try not to get too much of the glue on the rest of the goblet as it will show when dried. If you do get too much glue on the goblet, you can use the pen to cover the dried areas with text or a design around the photo, cover small areas with the jewels, or even use the glue on the whole goblet for a crackle like finish. Let the glue dry thoroughly. Once the glue has dried, add the text around the photo with the gold paint pen. We said "King for a Day!", but you can use any phrase you prefer. Let the lettering dry completely. Using small dots of the tacky glue, affix the jewels randomly around the goblet. Make sure not to use too much glue as the jewels will slide and the glue will show. Let the glue dry completely before using. Carefully hand wash the inside of the goblet as needed. Do not immerse in water and do not soak.

Project Developed and Photographed by Wen Zientek-Sico. Project gracefully styled by Thomas Sico.

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