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Craft Project - Handy Man Wind Chime
by Wen Zientek-Sico

If your Dad, Grandfather, or other favorite guy is handy around the house he will love this wind chime. Guys like wind chimes too…but oftentimes they are too feminine for big brawny men. This one is masculine, but still makes surprisingly sweet music. Make it for your Dad today!

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Handy Man Wind Chime

Handy Man Wind ChimeHere is a quick and easy craft project that even preschoolers can help with. We used kid friendly materials to make this fun gift that children of all ages will love making. The end results are not only surprisingly attractive, they are also quite musical. We used assorted tools we had around the house that were kid-sized. Some were toys and others were real tools, but we carefully made sure that the tools were clean, not too heavy, and had no sharp edges. Make sure to only use bolts with blunt rather than pointed ends and don't use awls or other potentially hazardous tools in this project. Small children do tend to like to place objects in their mouths, so be careful when working with the nuts, bolts, and washers or they might disappear.

4-5 assorted small, lightweight tools

10 washers of varying sizes

10 nuts of varying sizes

10 bolts of varying sizes

Plastic cording cut into ten 2-3 foot lengths

5-6 inch lightweight wrench

Handy Man Wind ChimeCover your work surface with newspaper to protect it from being scratched by the tools, or work on a safe work surface. Arrange your tools, washers, nuts, and bolts into 9 groups. Using nine of the lengths of plastic cording, tie the tools, washers, nuts, and bolts onto the cording at regular intervals. You want the items to hang at about the same length on each cord so they will hit against each other and make noise, so make sure they line up. Tie each cord onto the center of the wrench. Tie the last piece of cording to each end of the wrench to make a hanger. Make sure all of the knots are very tight (this should be double-checked by a parent as falling tools could injure someone). Hang in a place where no one can run into the wind chime or where the wind chime can run into him or her.

Project Developed, Styled, and Photographed by Wen Zientek-Sico.

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