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Craft Project - Red, White, and Blue Kissing Ball

by Wen Zientek-Sico

These cute little kissing balls are great decorations for the summer and the Fourth of July. String them along a curtain rod, hang them on a porch railing, dangle them from a mantle, or use them anywhere you would like to add a little patriotic color.

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Red, White, and Blue Kissing Ball

Victorian inspired kissing balls are one of my favorite decorations to make from live or silk flowers. This one is even easier and inexpensive to make with ribbon roses. The bright red, white, and blue colors make it great for summer decorations. We are going to use our kissing balls as attractive table cloth weights for outdoor get-togethers, but you can add hang them anywhere for a festive decoration. For a larger ball, use more small flowers, or larger ribbon or fake roses. We found the yarn to be easier to work with on these tiny balls, but thin ribbon also works very well and results in a more formal looking kissing ball.

2 inch foam ball

36 inches red yarn

2 pins



8 large red ribbon roses

4 large white ribbon roses

8 medium red ribbon roses

8 medium white ribbon roses

4 medium blue ribbon roses

12 small red ribbon roses

4 small white ribbon roses

12 small blue ribbon roses

Center the length of yarn on the ball and use a pin to attach the yarn to the ball at the center point. This will be the top of the ball. Wrap the yarn around the ball to the bottom and attach it to the bottom with the second pin. Twist the yarn and wrap it around to the top of the ball, forming four sections. Remove the pin and repin, holding all the pieces of yarn in place. You should have two 12 inch lengths of yarn to use for hanging the kissing ball. Once the yarn is centered correctly, glue it on to the ball. Let the glue dry thoroughly, then remove the pins. Using the scissors, snip off the wires from the ribbon roses (if they have wires). Glue the roses to the ball in a random pattern, balancing the colors and sizes evenly. For our kissing ball, we used in order from top to bottom, in each quarter, 1 small blue rose, 2 medium red roses, 1 large white rose, 2 large red roses and 2 small red roses, 2 medium white roses and 1 blue medium rose, 2 small blue roses and 1 small red rose, and 1 small white rose.

Project Developed, Styled, and Photographed by Wen Zientek-Sico.

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