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Craft Project - Stars and Stripes Wreath

by Wen Zientek-Sico

Add a touch of patriotism to your house this summer with this festive Americana styled wreath. Simple tools like a ruler and stencil make it almost foolproof to create a very neat and clean decoration for your house.

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Stars and Stripes Wreath

This attractive wreath quickly became one of our favorite decorations for the Fourth of July. We even liked it so much we used it in our Seeing Stars Mobile. We found our wreath premade (but unfinished) at our local craft store. You can also easily make one yourself by gluing precut or homemade heart and star shapes to an 8 inch wooden ring. This wall hanging is equally as attractive made with an all star wreath. We used old fashioned darker colors for our wreath, but a bright red and blue would also be appealing and more modern.

Unfinished 8.5 inch wooden heart and star wreath

Large brush

White acrylic paint



Small flat brush

Navy blue acrylic paint

Dark red acrylic paint

Small star stencil (optional)

White acrylic paint pen (optional)

Acrylic matte sealer

Cover your work surface thoroughly with newspapers. Paint the wooden wreath on all sides with a coat of white paint. Let the paint dry thoroughly. Using the ruler and pencil, measure 2 inches down from the highest point on each star and heart and mark it with a dot. Using the ruler, make a straight line across each heart and star at the two inch mark. On the bottom half of the stars and hearts, measure out 1/4 inch wide stripes. Draw the lines for the stripes using the ruler as a guide. Paint the top part of each heart and star with the navy paint. Paint every other stripe on the bottom of each heart and star with the red paint. Let dry thoroughly. If necessary, add another coat of red and blue paint. Let dry thoroughly. Touch up the white stripes if needed and let dry again. To make the stars on the navy areas, you have several options. We used a white acrylic paint pen and a small star stencil to make our stars very neat and evenly spaced, but you can draw them freehand with a paint pen or with a small brush and white acrylic paint. Let the paint dry thoroughly. Spray with acrylic matte sealer according to the manufacturer's direction to protect your wreath.

Project Developed, Styled, and Photographed by Wen Zientek-Sico.

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