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Craft Project - Peach Rose Topiary

by Wen Zientek-Sico

This beautiful and elegant topiary is easy to make and makes for a wonderful summer decoration for your house. I have several of them and I use them to flank my fireplace in the summer, but they can be used in many locations in your house. Originally created as a decoration for my wedding ceremony and reception, they have become one of my most popular floral arrangements.
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Peach Rose Topiary

It is no secret how much I like topiaries…they are all over my house. There is just something so pleasing about the arrangements that I like. They also allow you to make a grand arrangement from smaller flowers, which can save you a bunch of money. This topiary is no exception…it is one of the topiaries I created for my wedding ceremony and reception. They were inexpensive to make, very elegant, and easy to do. Now they add the perfect touch to my house, adding color and elegance to our fireplace hearth in summer and a pleasant touch to our blue guestroom the rest of the year.

8 inch pale green ginger jar vasedetail of topiary

26 inch long by 3/4 inch wide straight branch

Foam or other spacer (crumpled newspaper also works)

Quick drying concrete or other strong, heavy fixative

3 very large peach and cream roses

6 large pale peach silk roses

6 large deep peach silk roses

12 pale peach silk rose buds

12 small deep peach silk rose buds

20 small cream silk rose buds

1 spray small white silk flowers


9 inch floral foam ball


Floral pins

4 feet sheer 1 inch wide peach organza ribbon, cut into four uneven pieces

Dried moss

3 lengths silk ivy

Place the ginger jar vase, branch, concrete and foam on your work surface. Place the branch in the ginger jar and cut or arrange the foam or other spacer around the branch so that it is the right thickness to hold the branch straight in the center of the vase. Remove the spacers. Mix up the concrete or other fixative in a disposable container, making enough to fill the inside of the vase 3/4 full. Pour the concrete into the vase, making sure the branch is centered. Add the spacers back to the vase, making sure they do not touch the concrete. Let the concrete dry according to the package directions, checking occasionally to make sure the branch does not shift at all. While the concrete is drying, you can make the topiary ball. Cut each flower stem so that each is about 3 inches long. Remove some of the leaves from the roses, leaving the leaves intact on only about 1/3 the roses. Set the roses aside. Using the pencil, make a 3/4 inch circle on detail of topiary topthe floral foam ball. This will be where you will insert the branch and will be the bottom of the arrangement. Insert a very large peach and cream rose in the middle of the ball. Move a third of the way around the ball and add a second peach and cream rose. In between the first two roses, add the third very large rose. This will break up the ball into three even sections. To the right of the first peach and cream rose add four large roses, two deep peach and two pale peach, evenly spacing them in the section. Make sure to balance the roses in the top and bottom of the topiary ball. Repeat with the remaining large roses and sections until all of the large roses have been used. Take the pale peach and deep rose buds and circle each large rose with two rose buds in the contrasting detail of topiary bottomcolor. Once all of the peach rose buds have been used, fill in the spaces with the small cream rose buds until they have all been used. Fill in any additional areas with any leftover leaves and the white flower sprays, using floral pins if needed. Using the floral pins, attach the four lengths of ribbon around where the branch meets the ball, covering the joining. Add enough moss to fill up the vase to the top lip. Add the three lengths of ivy to the moss, letting them trail down on three different sides.

Project Developed and Photographed by Wen Zientek-Sico. Project Styled by Wen Zientek-Sico, Donna Zientek, and Carrie Bettinger.

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