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Craft Project - Chanukkah Photo or Memory Box
by Wen Zientek-Sico

This easy to make photo or memory box is a great gift idea or family project that adults and children of all ages will love helping with. Our example is a fun Chanukkah box, but you can use the simple and inexpensive materials to make a box for any occasion.

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Chanukkah Photo or Memory Box

Create a special box for your family to store special items to cherish and remember special times and memories. This box is a great place to store photos, cards, letters, and other small items. We chose to make a flat box so we could store it easier, but if you have the room for a larger display box, glue dreidels, gelt, or other Chanukkah themed items to the lid of the box and let dry completely before using. For a more personalized box to store photos, add a family photo or two to the design - photos of Chanukkah celebrations from the past will make your box even more special. Some of the best boxes we have seen were actually made with children's drawings of their favorite Chanukkah memories, which make wonderful surprise gifts for parents, grandparents, or other relatives.

1 large photo storage box (or shoebox covered in plain or Chanukkah paper)
Decorative lettering stickers or stencils
Colored permanent markers
Chanukkah cut out shapes, stencils, or stickers
Craft Glue

Cover the work surface thoroughly with a layer of newspapers. Place the box on the paper, and decide, before starting to glue or draw, what type of pattern to work with. If multiple people are working on the project, assign each person a side or portion of the box to work on. Once you have the design you want, start decorating the box using the cutouts, stickers, items, drawings, or photos. Add captions, titles, or a special message to the box with letter shaped stickers, stencils, or by writing on the box directly with markers, paints, or colored pencils. Let the items dry thoroughly before layering other items on top of them. Make sure to let the box dry inside and out before using.

Project designed, crafted, styled, and photographed by Wen Zientek-Sico.

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