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Craft Project - Snowman Topiary
by Wen Zientek-Sico

Cute as table toppers, decorations for your fireplace hearth, or placed anywhere you might want a little winter cheer, these easy snowman are fun to make and last a long time with a little care. Mix and match different scraps of leftover ribbon and fabric to make one-of-a-kind snowman families.

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Snowman Topiary

This snowman won't get caught out in the cold! Made with sheet moss, floral foam, and a bunch of fun trims, it is quick and easy to make. We liked both the very simple snowmen made with no details and just a simple scarf just as much as we liked the more detailed snowmen - so we made a bunch in both styles. If you are making a crowd, make sure to use a wide assortment of trims so that each snowman has their own individual personality.
1 large bag decorator sheet moss
Bowl large enough to hold moss and water
Large knife
6" floral foam ball
5" floral foam ball
4" floral foam ball
Floral pins
2-4" long 1/8" thick pieces of doweling
12" wide ribbon for scarf
Hot glue gun
Optional trims:
2" black hat
1/2 inch wide mushroom bird
Googly eyes
4 buttons or felt cut-outs (we used white heart shaped satin pieces)
Artificial carrot (can be made from felt) for nose
Small pipe

detail of snowman topiaryPlace the moss in a large bowl and cover with water. Let soak for a few minutes while you prepare the floral foam. Take the knife and largest ball and shave off the bottom until it is level and forms a stable base for the snowman. Remove the moss from the water and squeeze it well to get as much water as you can out of it. Break the moss into small pieces, and then totally cover each ball (other than the flat surface on the largest ball) by attaching each piece of moss with a few floral pins. Make sure to cover the surface evenly. Place the largest ball on a flat surface, cut side down. Insert one of the dowels 2 inches into the ball. detail of snowman topiaryCenter the medium ball on top of the dowel and carefully push it onto the dowel until it is flush with the large ball. Repeat with the smallest ball. Tie the ribbon around the joint between the top two balls to form a scarf, or glue it into place with the hot glue gun or affix it with additional floral pins. If desired, add the optional trims with additional floral pins or the hot glue gun. To keep the moss green and alive, mist lightly every other day. The snowman will still be attractive if you don't mist it, the moss will just turn brown or grey. Before storing the snowman for the change of seasons, let the moss thoroughly dry out or else the moss might mildew.

Project Developed, Styled, and Photographed by Wen Zientek-Sico.

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