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Craft Project - Perfect Petals Ornaments
by Wen Zientek-Sico

These feminine ornaments are very simple and easy to make and are wonderful gifts and decorations. They are easy to individualize and personalize, making great gifts for a group of friends or co-workers.

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Perfect Petals Ornaments

These Victorian inspired ornaments make beautiful gifts or additions to any tree. There are thousands of different variations using different types and sizes of blossoms, petals, and leaves. Whole blossoms, like pansies, make pretty ornaments with just one or two flowers scattered around the ornament. Queen Anne's lace or dusty miller leaves arranged carefully make beautiful snowflakes on clear or dark colored ornaments. Ornaments totally covered with dried rose petals in varying hues make exquisite accents for the tree, and are also wonderful piled in a clear bowl for a decoration or centerpiece. If you have Victorian clip art or small Victorian shapes they are delightful added to the ornaments with the flowers. Just decoupage them on first or with the floral layer.

Clean clear and/or plain colored ornaments
Dried flower petals, blossoms, and leaves
Small paintbrush
Decoupage glue
Paint markers in assorted colors suitable for working on glass

Cover your work surface with plenty of newspapers. Set out all your supplies. Look at the colors and shapes of flowers and the ornaments you have to work with and decide what flowers you want to use on each ornament. Move the flowers around until you have a design you like. Using a small dot of glue, affix the flowers as desired to the ornament. Carefully brush additional glue over the flower, making sure to overlap the edges by just a small amount. Let the glue dry according to the packaged directions. Using the paint markers, outline the flowers and leaves, adding dots and other details if desired. Let dry thoroughly, then seal with another coat of decoupage glue, making sure to cover the whole ornament evenly.

Decoupage glue comes in a wide variety of finishes. Make sure to choose the one you are going to want to use on the particular ornaments you are using.

Project Developed by Wen Zientek-Sico.

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