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Craft Project - Christmasy Hands Paper
by Wen Zientek-Sico

Homemade wrapping paper is an important part of our Christmas celebration and gift wrapping is one of the most fun parts of each season. This is one of our favorite papers to make and use year after year. It is great to compare the patterns from year to year and see how they change!
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Christmasy Hands Paper

This paper is not only colorful, inexpensive, and easy to make, it also makes a priceless reminder of one single perfect moment in time. When hands are small and more than willing to be inserted in brightly colored paint it is quick and easy to make this cheerful paper. Matching cards are easy to make from card stock in assorted colors, folded to fit various hand sizes. While this paper is adorable done with just children's hands, adults and pets can get in on the fun too and add their prints. Make sure to control your pets very closely and wash their paws well or else the wrapping paper won't be the only thing decorated!

Large sheets of white butcher paper or other thin paper suitable for wrapping gifts
Plastic plates
Tempera or finger paint in red and green (or other colors too if desired)
Markers (optional)

Cover your work surface with plenty of newspapers. Make sure the children are dressed in old clothes, and that you cover a very wide work surface thoroughly, as this project has been known to get quite messy. Pour a thin layer of each color of paint in a plastic plate. Let the children press their hands into the paint, and then apply it to the paper. Allow each child to use a different color to distinguish their handprints, or else have them mix and match colors, washing their hands well between each color. Help the children wash their hands thoroughly once the paper has finished. Let the paper dry undisturbed until completely dry before using to wrap gifts. If desired, have the children write their names under their handprints, or else have an adult with neat handwriting add the names to identify the prints or add special messages to the paper.

Project Developed by Wen Zientek-Sico.

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