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Craft Project - All Heart Mobile
by Wen Zientek-Sico

This mobile is such a great project that you will want to keep it out all year long! This is a fun and festive project the whole family will love making.

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All Heart Mobile

Set hearts aflutter with this light and airy mobile that is whimsical and colorful. We used pre-cut hearts available at most craft or woodworking stores, but crafters handy with a saw can cut their own heart shapes from thin lightweight wood or even make the hearts from felt or other materials. Instead of wire, yarn, ribbon, or string can be used to hang the hearts. For an extra touch, add some tiny bells to the mobile to turn it into a wind chime.

12 inch wooden open heart
Assorted wooden hearts of varying sizes (we used 35 hearts in 8 different shapes and sizes, ranging from 1 inch wide to 4 inches wide)
Acrylic paint in a variety of colors (we used 25 different paints in shades of red, white, pink, mauve, and maroon)
Paint brushes
Drill with a 1/16 inch drill bit
Gold wire
25 1/2 inch heart shaped buttons or beads

Detail of All Hearts MobileCover your work surface with newspaper and arrange your materials. Paint the various hearts in a range of Valentine colors, making sure to paint both sides of all of the hearts. You may need more than one coat to get a deep color and cover any imperfections in the wood. Let the paint dry thoroughly between coats according to the manufacturer's directions. Wearing safety glasses, carefully drill a small hole into the top center of the individual hearts. Drill 21 holes evenly around the middle of the large open heart, and then drill 4 evenly balanced holes to anchor the wires on which the heart will hang according to the diagram below. Cut the wire into 21 assorted lengths, with each length being an inch or two longer than you want it to be for the final mobile to allow for the amount of wire needed to tie the beads and hearts. Take one end of the wire and run it through the bead twice, and then tie a knot to hold the bead securely. Detail of All Hearts MobileThread the other end of the wire through one of the holes in the heart, leaving the bead on top of the heart and the wire extending through the bottom of the heart. Thread the wire through one or more hearts, looping through the hole at least once and then tying a firm knot in the wire. The wire ends can be snipped if desired, or if the mobile will be hung where small hands can grasp it, glue over the sharp ends of the wire so they cannot hurt anyone. Once all of the hearts have been attached to wires, assemble the guide wires. Cut four equal lengths of wire and attach each of them to a heart bead. Thread the wire through the heart, but in the opposite directions of the heart wires so that the bead is on the bottom of the open heart and the wires extend up from the top of the heart. Twist the wires together to form a loop for hanging and hang the mobile in a location where the whole family can enjoy it.

Project Developed, Styled, and Photographed by Wen Zientek-Sico.

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