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Craft Project - Hearts and Roses Box
by Wen Zientek-Sico

This is one of our favorite projects to make for a gift because it is so easy, inexpensive, and elegant. It makes a great decorative gift all on its own, or can be used as a gift box to hold a small gift or your favorite crafty recipe.

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Hearts and Roses Box

This romantic and feminine box is surprisingly easy to make, and is also very budget friendly. When choosing ribbon flowers for this box, make sure to think about whom you are giving it to and what colors will look best with their décor. While we really liked the combination of colors we used, the box is also stunning when made with less colors, or even just one color of ribbon roses in varying sizes. Wire free ribbon roses can be used in place of the wired roses if you can find them, but they generally cost up to five times as much as the wired roses. As long as you take care when snipping the wires, the wired roses are a much more cost effective solution and are usually available in a wider variety of colors and sizes.

8 inch paper mache heart shaped box
Paint in a coordinating color (we used mauve paint)
Paint brush
4 inch wide ribbon (we used a pale mauve satin ribbon)
1 inch wide ribbon (we used a deep mauve moiré ribbon)
Low temperature glue gun
9 bunches large ribbon roses (we used 2 bunches each of white, pale pink, and burgundy and one bunch of mauve roses)
8 bunches medium ribbon roses (we used 2 bunches each of white and pale pink and one bunch each of burgundy and mauve roses)
5 bunches small ribbon roses (we used 2 bunches of pale pink roses, and one bunch each of white, burgundy, and mauve roses)

Detail of Hearts and Roses Box Cover your work surface liberally with newspaper. Paint the heart box with at least one coat of acrylic paint to cover it evenly, making sure to paint the entire inside and outside of the bottom of the box as well as the lid. Once the paint has thoroughly dried, measure the outside of the bottom of the box carefully and cut a piece of the 4 inch wide ribbon to be the same size, with a 1/2 inch extra to cover the box thoroughly. Starting at the pointed bottom of the heart, glue the ribbon onto the box, smoothing the ribbon carefully over the glue. Repeat with the lid of the box, using the 1 inch ribbon. Let the glue dry thoroughly. While the glue is drying, arrange your ribbon roses by color and size to make decorating the box top easier. Snip off the wire, leaving a small bump on the underside of each rose to make gluing easier and set the roses aside. Detail of Hearts and Roses BoxCarefully glue the roses to the top of the box, working quickly to make sure the glue does not set before the roses are firmly attached. Start on one side of the box, and fill in a whole area very tightly before moving on to other areas to ensure the best coverage. Let the box dry thoroughly before handling or giving to your special Valentine.

Project Developed, Styled, and Photographed by Wen Zientek-Sico.

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