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Craft Project - Heart Block Photo Mat and Frame
by Wen Zientek-Sico

What a great way to display special photos! This cute photo mat and frame makes the perfect gift for your favorite loved one, or just a fun project to make yourself to display your most beloved photos.

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Heart Block Photo Mat and Frame

Create your own window photo mat with a variety of colors and fun heart shapes for a gift that your family will love. Use just one color of card stock, or as many different colors to make many different blocks or areas in your frame. The larger the frame, the more colors the better!

Wide edged ribbed wooden frame
Acrylic paint
Card stock in assorted colors
Acrylic primer
Paint brush
Heart templates or tracing paper

detail of heart block frameDecide how many photographs you want to frame and decide how large of a frame you need to hold them all. Choose complementary or contrasting colors in both the card stock and paints that work well with your photos and where you want to hang the finished frame (or where you think the person you are giving the frame to might want to hang it). Cover your work surface thoroughly with newspaper. Cover the frame thoroughly with primer. Once the frame has been primed, paint the frame in the colors you have chosen, using the different levels as a guide for painting. While the paint is drying, lay out the heart templates or tracing paper and choose or draw hearts to frame each photo. If using tracing paper, cut the hearts out of the tracing paper to use as a template for the mat blocks. Trace the heart shapes onto the card stock, making sure to place the hearts in the center of the paper to give you plenty of room to trim the paper to fit into the frame. Cut the heart shapes from the card stock leaving a heart shape opening. Discard the hearts (or use in another project). Tape the photos onto the cardboard backing that came with the frame. Place the first piece of card stock on top of the corresponding photo and move around the card stock until the heart is perfectly located. Secure with one piece of tape, and then cut the card stock to be even with the edges of the cardboard and the edges of the other photos. Repeat with the remaining card stock, cutting or overlapping the pieces so they meet neatly in the center. Assemble the frame and matted photos once the frame is completely dry.

Project Developed, Styled, and Photographed by Wen Zientek-Sico.

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